Loving the lesbiana life!

I went to college in the 80’s in Michigan. Back in my day, college students didn’t sexually experiment with other women. It just wasn’t done. Today most college females have at least one drunk kissing episode–perhaps even more. Did I miss out on something really cool?

Imagine how excited I was to learn that Mexico has a drink called the lesbiana!  I had to try it. When I describe it, you will be revolted. Trust me. Try to keep an open mind.

A lesbiana is a mixture of Clamato and beer. The bartender presents you with a glass full of Clamato with lime juice with a dash of Worcestershire.  Clamato tastes very much like V8. The beer mug is served with a salt rim too.  It gets delivered it to you with a bottled beer of your choice. I like Victoria Negro. (more on Mexican beer later). You then pour in the beer and mix it up. It’s super refreshing and delicious. I’ve encouraged my mom to try one, but sadly, she’s not into it.

When you come to Mexico to visit,  you’ll have to try out lesbianism, I mean a lesbiana!




3 thoughts on “Loving the lesbiana life!

  1. In a bar in SF once, I saw a grizzled old timer pour a ketchup into his beer. At least that was what I thought. I was 100% certain I saw it, but not 100% certain that I believed what I was seeing. This post makes me have faith in that vision.


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