A vacation from our vacation

Mucho trabajo para ustedes!!!

Number of walks taken: 84
Number of water bowls filled: 84
Number of doggie meals served: 168
Number of vet visits=1 (for Maggie to diagnose a bacterial infection)

Our six-week dog/sitting house/sitting gig is about to come to a close in just a few hours. We will bid a fond farewell to Maggie and Sierra, the greatest dogs in the history of dogdum. We loved hanging out with them. They helped us see Zihuatanejo in a new way. They led us down narrow alleys, and they played with us on wide beaches. We had a ton of great adventures with them.

Now we’re just plain beat!  Our lives for the past six weeks haven’t been exactly restful.  We had some down time and we did get to enjoy the beach once or twice a week, but being on doggie duty was not relaxing.

We never knew taking care of canines could be exhausting. We walked them every morning for at least 45 minutes, most days for an hour, and we walked them for another 30-45 minutes each night. And each morning we swept the house from top to bottom because one of the dogs shed constantly. No sleeping in either. When you are taking care of dogs, a 10 AM reveille just won’t cut it.

Time for a bit of R and R before we make our next move to Morelia.

We’re going on a  well-deserved two-night vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Ixtapa, Mexico, the sister city to Zihuatanejo.  It’s about a 10 minute drive from where we are now. We’re going to be staying at the Azul Grand Spa and Suites.

For those not familiar with all-inclusive resorts, they are resorts where you pay one price for all meals, snacks, and alcohol.  Usually the hotel has a choice of 3 or 4 bars, and 3 or 4 specialty restaurants where you can dine. In this hotel they have an on-site Japanese, Italian and Mexican restaurant to choose from plus, a very nice buffet.

All-inclusive resorts were first created in Jamaica, so Andy and I got to visit many of them (Sandals, Breezes, Beaches, Hedonism) while we were serving in the Peace Corps. Some people would never step foot inside an all-inclusive resort because they consider them “compounds” where individuals never leave and don’t get to experience any local culture. We’ve actually had great experiences at many of them. They provide a top-notch vacation for those who want to truly unwind. Once on-site, you don’t have to worry about ordering an extra margarita or fancy poolside drink, because everything is paid for in advance.  Bring on the Grey Goose fountain!  You know exactly how much you are spending well in advance and you can’t beat the value–especially in low season when we will be visiting.

Last week we went to check out the property, the Azul Spa and suites to see if we liked it enough to book a two-night stay.  It was absolutely beautiful.  They have an amazing infinity pool and I can’t wait to jump in. And  all of the rooms have ocean views!  I’ll be sure to post photos.

Here’s what we plan to do.

Crank up the air conditioning and run around naked
Enjoy their morning buffet breakfast. I hope they have jugo verde (green juice)
Sleep in!!!
Shoot some pool in their billiards room
Dine at one of their specialty restaurants

After a two-night recharge, we’re heading to Morelia for two-weeks. Then our plan is to head to Patzcauro for a month.  Then, my mom, sister and brother-in-law will join us back in Zihuatanejo for a week staying  on La Ropa beach where my mom usually rents.

After a week, my brother-in law will return to the United States. My mom, Pam, Andy and I will slowly make our way to Guanajanto. My mom and Pam will stay there for a few days while Andy and I plan to go to language school, probably for three or four weeks.

Fun times ahead!   I hope to share them with you. We’ll miss you Maggie and Sierra!




3 thoughts on “A vacation from our vacation

  1. Can’t wait to follow you on your travels…lots of pics and detail please!!! We will be touring this area this fall and winter.


  2. I’m so glad you will be going to Guanajuato! You will love it…..the school we went to and liked a lot was Escuela Mexicana. We went there twice. When I go in October, I’ll be going to Don Quijote, but I don’t know much about it……( I have a credit there from a trip we had to cancel at that school in Playa del Carmen). I look forward to hearing about your visit.


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