Shower world record!

Yesterday I took three showers… maybe four. I stopped counting.  It was a really hot day.  It’s 90 in Zihuatanejo and it’s going to take a few weeks for us to get used to being in such a hot climate again. I understand it’s really nice in Zihuatanejo starting in December through April. It’s not as hot as it was in May and June when we first arrived, but it’s very humid. We sweat like crazy. See my earlier post about adjusting to the heat. 

We’re almost unpacked and we are enjoying our three-bedroom, six month rental.  We can hear the ocean from our bedroom!   When we first looked at the house,  it was filled to the brim because the landlord and his family had lived in it for the past 20 years.  They promised us a clean, clutter free house and they 100% delivered!

The left us really nice dishes, tons of silverware and cups, stellar cookware (it’s from Spain) and plenty of storage containers for leftovers. We just ended up buying some basic kitchen utensils including wooden spoons, an all purpose kitchen knife, some new bathmats, a fruit bowl and a fan. We may have to buy another fan, will see. All in all, we’ve had to buy very little and what we did have to buy has been inexpensive.

I’ve included some photos of our new pad for you to enjoy.  I didn’t take photos of the guest bedrooms because I want you to be surprised!   We love the location of the house (it’s a seven minute walk to downtown), a two minute walk to other hip bars and restaurants in an up-and-coming area and a hop to the beach.


Sir Andy cut up a pineapple for breakfast.



Our kitchen has an oven-a rarity in many Mexican kitchens. And it has a 6 burner stove!


See the lovely view of the mountain from the living room?



The master bedroom is large and airy!


I have my own bathroom. Andy uses the guest bathroom!



This nice hammock is off our bedroom balcony.


Sitting area off our front door. The cushions are all new!



















2 thoughts on “Shower world record!

  1. When people think of retiring to Mexico, it’s common to imagine a beach life. Palm trees, surf and margaritas. Few realize, however, before actually moving to a Mexican beach, that the heat and humidity can be crushing. There is a reason the majority of Mexicans do not live in coastal areas. Can’t help wondering if you’ve had second thoughts about the location choice.


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