It’s time to do some tripping!

Hello peeps,

I think I promised that my next blog would be an FAQ and it would answer reader questions about travel, travel in Mexico, ovarian cancer or anything else on your mind. Unfortunately, my plea for questions didn’t go so well, but a HUGE shoutout goes to some family members who refused to leave me hanging and who submitted questions.  I am going to defer the FAQ blog in hopes of getting more questions from you.  Please  submit questions about 1) Travel in Mexico, 2) Travel in general  3) Anything to do with cancer 4) Other questions you have been dying to ask.  I promise to answer them.

But right now… it’s 7:56 AM and I’m up early…a rare occasion for me.  I couldn’t sleep.

Today is the big day! We’re leaving on our seven-week trip to Korea and Japan. I am going to try to blog several times while we are gone to keep you updated about our trip and to share some photos of our cherry blossom hunt.


If you are only interested in reading about our Mexico travels, don’t worry. I’ll be back blogging about Mexico starting June 1 direct from Morelia, Mexico, the greatest city you’ve never heard of.

We were only in the San Francisco Bay Area for three days, but they were busy ones.  Poor Andy.  Last night he told me that he was starting to get sick and when he utters these words, disaster always strikes!  Unfortunately, he’s never wrong. He woke up this morning and used the hotel coffee pot to get some steam into him before the flight.


While in the Bay Area, I had my three-month check-up with my U.S-based oncologist, the amazing Dr. Liz Han. Even though I had been feeling fairly good in Mexico, for the past four or five days, I had been experiencing weird abdominal pain, lower back pain, and a tiny bit of nausea. Oh boy!  These are all warning signs of an ovarian cancer recurrence, so I was dreading seeing her. Thankfully, my test results were great and we’re both so relieved.  Being a cancer survivor and managing the emotional side of cancer is a real bitch!  I really try to not let my imagination run away with me, but every ache and pain is a reminder of my precarious health.

So we’re off to the airport soon. We’re flying business class on Asiana airlines. I’ll lift a glass of champagne, and reflect on how blessed we are to be able to take this awesome journey. Thank you for sharing it with us.


This is all I am taking for four weeks. Packing cubes (and friends) helped me curtail my clothes obsession. We are also bringing a big duffel for the cruise. Once we land in Japan, we will use a luggage forwarding service to send it to our final hotel. We won’t have to tote it around for a month.