Goodbye Morelia- Hello New World!

Puebla, Mexico is a truly a fun and beautiful city.  We just returned from a three night jaunt.  It’s about six hours from Morelia, and we traveled by first class bus.

We traveled a little bit throughout the summer with family and a few friends, but Puebla was our first time away with just the two of us and it was super fun. We rented an Airbnb 1/2 a block off the main square and we spent the weekend watching a professional baseball game, enjoying some cafes,  meandering all over their amazing markets and admiring the beautiful tile work on the buildings.  One day we walked about 16,000 steps which made me very happy!

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy!

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As luck would have it, the city is all decorated for Mexican Independence day coming up on September 16. It was stunning.

Time to Say Goodbye!

 Now it’s almost time to say goodbye to Morelia, Mexico. We have 18 more days left on our four-month lease.  We’re sad to be leaving this wonderful city. Morelia was simply magical and we want to come back next summer — that is until something else catches our fancy, which just might happen.  We met some really nice people, and we loved the free cultural events throughout the city.

Do we need a home base?

This begs a big question. Do we need a home base or can we just keep bouncing around Mexico and perhaps even the world?  Will we tire of this  semi-nomadic lifestyle? Will we long for more permanent roots?

Truthfully, I don’t think either of us knows the answer to this yet. And we’re having a blast trying to figure it out.  We definitely don’t see any urgency in finding a place to live and in staying in just one place.  We kinda figured that by seeing as much of Mexico as possible, we’d eventually find a place to settle down, but after 15 months of living here, I still feel like we’re far away from this happening.  There are just too many places in Mexico we still want to check out.  We haven’t been to the Chiapas, or to Oaxoca, or even to Zacatecas.  But I do know one thing.  We’ve ruled out living in Zihuatanejo full-time. (sorry, mom).  1) It’s way too hot in the summer.  2) It’s too small and there’s not enough going on to keep us engaged and energized.

Before moving, I used to think that I could never live anywhere besides a beach community.  I saw myself lounging on the beach in my retirement, reading under a coconut tree,  cool beverage in-hand.  Now I’m not sure that’s what I want any longer.  I’m thinking we’d be happier in a larger city with access to more cultural activities. Beach communities don’t really have this.  Also, we are both finding a strong appeal in living in less touristy cities, so places like Lake Chapala or San Miguel de Allende are not very appealing to us. And we both agree, we want to live in a city with a small, rather than a large ex-pat community.  While we haven’t ruled out living in a beach setting, it’s starting to seem less important.


I really love the beach, but I also like colonial cities.

For now, we really have the best of both worlds.  We can live at the beach  in the winter and we can migrate to the big city when we tire of the beach.



And now… I’m pleased to announce our new travel plans.

October 1-10- Partying in Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Dear old mom isn’t coming to Zihuatanejo until October 7 so her lovely three-bedroom condo overlooking the Bay of Zihuatanejo is sitting empty.  Score one for the Ohr’s!!!  As it turns out, we need to go back to Zihuatanejo anyway (4 hours) to drop off our stuff because we’ve decided to hit the open road in October and November.  We’ll spend 10 days in Zihuatanejo just chilling,  going to the beach and just enjoying the beauty of the Bay from my mom’s patio.  We’ll also get to spend a few days with my mom when she arrives in Zihuatanejo on October 7.

October 10-24- Antigua, Guatemala

I’ve always wanted to go to Guatemala and now seems like the perfect time to visit.  The weather is supposed to be nice, it’s low- season and there is a lot of natural beauty to be explored. We’ve rented a nice one-bedroom apartment via VRBO.  You can see it here.

October 24- November 14- Guatemala.

We want to visit several towns in Lake Aitilan, go to language school in one of the bigger cities, and explore some of its natural wonders.  We plan on visiting two lake communities with one of them being San Marcos.  Our plan is to stay on the lake at another VRBO.  You can see it here.

After the lake district, we may do a family home-stay in Guatemala to really focus on improving our Spanish.  It’s really needed.  I’m not seeing very much improvement in my Spanish, but Andy’s is really coming along. I never made it to Spanish school in Morelia and I really want to study more.

November 14-  Oaxaca, Mexico.

We plan on being in Oaxaca for 17 days. We’ll start our trip in Oaxaca City and perhaps travel to the coast. We’re still working on travel plans.  Now because of the earthquake, we’re not sure which parts of Oaxaca we will be able to travel to.

December -March- Zihuatanejo 

For four glorious months of beach living and fun times with mom.

As usual, casa Stacey and Andy is now accepting reservations for Zihuatanejo, but I suggest you book now because it gets very busy.  We’re running a first-come, first-serve policy.

Adios from Morelia.