The short and sweet of Oaxaca City

Dear friends,

We just got back to Zihuatanejo, and we’re pretty beat from 7 weeks of traveling, but I want to write a few things about our time visiting the city of Oaxaca.  This blog will be short and sweet. Very unusual for a writer who likes to drone on and on.

Oaxaca City was amazing.  OaxacaCityThe historical center was beautiful.  The center was a bit touristy for our liking, but it had the absolute best shopping I’ve seen in Mexico. It had gallery after gallery full of interesting Mexican art.  It had colorful Day of the Dead skulls and art everywhere. It had beautiful handmade embrodered Mexican shirts and dresses dangling in storefronts. And it had tons of street vendors selling beautiful handmade shirts, shawls and rugs. Yes, I did buy one shirt from a street vendor.

It had to be the textile capital of Mexico!

Oaxaca  Mexicanshirthad modern restaurants serving amazing food too. The best meal I’ve had in Mexico was in Oaxaca.  It had lovely mescal bars beckoning happy drinkers. It had some tremendous coffeeshops too. After a week of drinking two cups a day, I finally decided to take a breather.  I think Andy was delighted I was off the juice

The central plaza was beautiful, active and the balloon sellers were quite busy!

The city felt safe, and it was incredibly clean. The outskirts of the city featured many modern chain stores and chain restaurants. I didn’t realize Oaxaca city would be so modern. I had some pre-conceived notions which turned out to be untrue.

We did toy with the idea of renting a house in Oaxaca City for a few months, but in the end we feel like Morelia has a bit more spirit and is just a little bit livelier. But all in all it was a great two weeks…except for me leaving my brand new Google Pixel phone in the back of a cab.

If you are thinking about visiting Oaxaca, it’s a great choice.

I will try to push out another blog this week with musings about our past seven weeks.